PLC Migration in 22 Facilities across the United States

Customer Challenge

A leading global logistics client wanted to address security concerns with older PLC controls in their distribution centers, and needed to upgrade and standardize controls on a limited timeline across 22 facilities without disrupting plant operations. At the time, plants utilized AB SLC500 and AB Micrologix PLCs.

Solution Provided

Over the course of three months, the CSI team mobilized to upgrade our client’s controls in 22 facilities, which were running on AB SLC500 and AB Micrologix. As a system integrator, CSI was able to advise on program design and standardization, and oversaw the platform migration and commissioning on site.

PLC and HMI programs were converted and updated offline to speed commissioning. CSI designed and programmed the new application, referencing the existing programs and related documentation as a basis for confirming specifications. Network infrastructure modifications were completed prior to cutover to limit downtime.

While integrating the new controls, CSI also updated all related Wonderware SCADA items as well as integrated brand new Panelview Plus HMIs and Proface HMIs.

All upgrades were completed in allocated downtime with no impact to the client’s production.

Technologies Utilized
  • Rockwell ControlLogix L8 Series Controllers 
  • Panelview Plus HMIs 
  • Proface HMIs 
  • Wonderware SCADA Package
Customer Benefits
  • Plant level automation upgrade increases security; 
  • New technology can support future growth given its increased memory and technological capacity; 
  • Improved serviceability through secure remote access; and 
  • Upgraded control infrastructure to Ethernet I/P from DH RIO.