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What is the CSI Engineer Mentorship Program?

Our program is essentially an on-job-the engineering training and mentoring program. It bridges the gap between education and experience with an accelerated, twenty-four month program for newly graduated electrical engineers.

How does it work?

The program targets newly graduated engineers offering an accelerated two-year engineering training program that is the equivalent of four years of knowledge. The program will provide:

  • Structured training
  • Mentoring by senior staff
  • Technical training and soft skill training

Why did we start the CSI Engineer Mentorship Program?

We see it as a way to give back to our community by mentoring and developing the next generation of automation engineers. Our role in the program is to build on young engineers’ education with hands-on experience to help them excel in their career. The benefits and contributions of the CSI Engineer Mentorship Program to the engineering community and new graduates far exceeds the commitment, dedication and passion it takes to make the program a success.

How we measure its success?

CSI is committed to the success of our Engineer Mentoring Program. That success is measured by the positive effect it has on all involved, including the academic institutions, graduates, CSI mentors, and our customers. We evaluate the program's success by:

  • Retention of the program participants
  • Trainee satisfaction with the program
  • Tracking success of trainee after the program
  • Value to academic partners career development program
  • Retention of mentoring staff
  • Improved customer relationship
  • Customer feedback

What is expected of you?

We know to achieve long-term success with our program we cannot do it alone. We need the involvement and commitment of our program partners: academic institutions, graduates, CSI mentors, and our customers. That participation involves:

  • Academic Partners
    • Actively market the program
    • Keep CSI aware of eligible students & job fairs
  • Graduates
    • Commit to the full 2 year program
    • Be open to learning & complete tasks as expected
  • CSI Mentors
    • Share knowledge through mentoring
    • 2 years of mentorship with a positive attitude
  • Customers
    • Agree to joint site visits of mentor & graduate