About CSI

Control Systems Integrators manages, designs and builds innovative automation solutions to solve the most complex problems facing companies around the world. We are a results-oriented organization that tackles industrial challenges of all sizes, developing technical solutions that provide significant value for our clients.

Since 1992, CSI has worked across industries to provide advanced engineering services and manage our customers’ control projects from panel design to build, commissioning and on-site support. We partner with each client to understand their processes and end-goals in order to develop optimal automation and control solutions. We are hands-on through the testing and execution stage to ensure operational excellence.

The CSI team consists of highly skilled designers, engineers and technical specialists focused on machine vision, IT, robotics and controls, augmented by project managers with years of experience servicing all industries. Our recruitment experts work hand in hand with the executive team to support existing clients by providing resource augmentation for on-site technical talent.

Lansing, MI

Auburn Hills, MI