• Controls Engineering

    Our customers rightly expect fast roll-outs and minimal plant downtime. CSI applies an unparalleled understanding of the automation process to every project, designing, building and integrating innovative control systems. Specialized teams solve complex problems and bring even the most challenging systems online. Long-standing alliances with leading software and hardware providers support our solutions development. To ensure years of trouble-free operation, we employ PC and PLC-based technology using open architecture, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

  • Hardware Design

    CSI has the resources to satisfy all your controls hardware design needs, including: Control Panels, Variable Speed Controls, Servo Applications, Robot Interfaces, Network Cabling, PLC I/O Layouts, Pneumatic Circuits and Hydraulic Circuits. Moreover, we take pride in creating: Plant and Instrument Drawings (PIDs, Process and Instrumentation Drawings), Bills of Materials and Electrical Schematics. We specialize in AutoCAD and other software design programs.

  • Software Programming

    CSI specializes in integrating PLCs and PCs with automation systems. We have extensive experience writing and programming PLC programs through every phase of development — from initial concept to installation and commissioning — all at the client's site, if desired. We integrate PLCs from top manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, GE Fanuc, Square D, Modicon, Telemecanique, Texas Instruments and Mitsubishi. Additionally, we develop customized applications using Visual Basic, C++, .NET and Business Objects. Our expert engineers swiftly design Web-based reporting and supervisory controls, employing Oracle and SQL Server databases. Our programmers solve the most complex controls challenges. Their advanced troubleshooting skills allow them to debug programs developed by others without complete re-writes. This skill means our clients are able to make important modifications and upgrades without costly expense.

  • Visualization and HMI

    CSI's visualization and HMI (human-machine interface) services give you the information you need when you need it. Visualizing real-time manufacturing data permits you to make informed decisions on the fly. Think of visualization as a heart monitor for your production system. Let us help you prevent problems before they occur, and maximize the efficiency of your plant or distribution center. All our solutions are custom designed to fit your system and are easily operated by your personnel.

  • Industrial IT and SCADA

    CSI makes it simple to collect, store and view production data. With this window into your automation processes, you can make the most informed decisions. We increase efficiency and reduce costs by seamlessly merging IT, supervisory control and data acquisition with PLC control systems and HMIs (human/machine interfaces). This integration permits you to fully utilize resources by analyzing production, downtime and other significant process and control variables. Whether you operate under one roof or at multiple locations, CSI provides real-time monitoring through simple-to-use graphical user interfaces. Our user-friendly reports and graphs provide instant visualizations of what is happening throughout your facility, while our functional documentation provides a simple-to-navigate road map of your entire automation system. By working together, we will establish the best internal processes and optimize technology rollouts, pilots and start-ups.