Project Management

We provide a range of offerings to help support and solve our customer’s most complex problems – we believe all execution starts with great project management.

CSI’s up-front support is the backbone of our project management skill set. With a focus on manufacturing and technical consulting as well as supply chain management, our professionals are poised to take on the challenges facing a variety of industries. We offer both PLC and machine training opportunities as well as robust financial / ROI support.

We are positioned to offer project management of full automation systems from top-to-bottom. Hardware and software design are just the beginning. From field busses and motion controls to robotics and vision systems, CSI’s expertise manages every facet of automation. Extensive experience with AC & DC drives, servos, automation controllers / PLCs, as well as our control panel design and build capabilities meet the needs of intricate automation operations. HMI and SCADA system support provide our customers with the knowledge and data to run efficiently.