Control System Integration for Automotive Supplier Conveyance System

Customer Challenge

A leading global integrator was tasked with installing and commissioning a large conveyance system in an automotive plant during the holiday shutdown period between Christmas and New Year's Day. Our client needed a control system integrator to support electrical hardware design, build panels and provide commissioning support to successfully execute the project within the tight timeline.

Solution Provided

The short commissioning timeline for this project presented the greatest strategic challenge, and scheduling impacts were considered for every step of the process. In the six-week period leading up to the holiday shutdown, the CSI team designed and built hardware and software for the conveyance system, ensuring all components were rigorously tested along the way.

To ensure a seamless installation, CSI collaborated with our client to execute an offsite equipment runoff ahead of the formal commissioning, which provided additional opportunities to check materials and strategize around any installation challenges.

During the commissioning period, our team was mobilized and available over a 24/7 period. Ultimately, all upgrades were completed in the allocated shutdown with no impact to the client’s production.

Technologies Utilized
  • Rockwell ControlLogix L8 Series Safety Controllers
  • Rockwell 525 VFDs
  • Panelview Plus HMIs
Customer Benefits
  • New, large capacity automotive conveyance system built and integrated within existing infrastructure; and
  • Installation and commissioning occurred during scheduled shutdown period with no additional downtime required and no impact to production.